Friday, April 27, 2012

The Mystery

Quite an exciting thing actually. When you like mysteries and someone really puts forth a nice puzzle, it's a pleasure to work your grey cells and try and decipher using all the clues possible of what the probable solution to that puzzle would be.

Trying to unravel the mystery one piece of info at a time. Let's see where this one it takes me.....

Keeping my fingers crossed that it's for the good :)

Hasta Luego....

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Countering Callousness

In the recent years I came across a number of people who were adept at exhibiting their callousness and very proudly announcing their mastery over it !!

Callous - emotionally hardened/ callous indifference to suffering. Cold blooded and indurate to public opinion. Showing our having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others.........

I have a feeling that this callousness is in recent times being referred to as 'looking out for self'. What a sick way to defend your own selfishness.
Be it the shameless attitude of skirting out of a relationship or sending a text to break up or sending an email to call off a business partnership. Be it using the ' i am confused' excuse to flirt around with women and then leave them at altars or championing the cause of being fair weather friend ...... All of it - absolutely all of it is Callous behaviour.

Why so callous - I guess life and times have brought us to this point of self centered behaviour. Under the pretext of saving time, saving money or worst of all - saving emotional effort people resort to this kind of behaviour. It's not justified but it is definitely common.

Next time you come across a callous person don't let them treat you like a door mat - Just give it straight to them . You know sometimes even an inch can topple the load - May be your words could be enough to trigger their conscience (* subjected to availability of one)

I for one have decided to tackle it my way. Straight talk helps - or better still when that doesn't help, cut yourself away from that person. You don't deserve the pain, the sadness and the emotional damage that this callous hooligan brings. And if at all you meet one of those self declaring idiots - tell them it's nothing to be proud of. Callous behaviour isn't humane...........infact it takes you far from being HUMAN......

Sunday, April 24, 2011

24 -04 -2011

Random thoughts

I miss your 'Youness'. It's sometimes very hard to put in words what exactly you feel but so easy to just get tuned to those emotions of sadness, longing and desire !!!

Remember a song by Airsupply -
it goes something like this.................

............... and i miss you.....
like the deserts miss the rain.....
and i miss you like the foot hills miss the.... hmmmm

Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Lately its been quite a boring life. Work - Home and back to work. Except a few times when i really get to sit back and take time out for myself. Time to do whatever I want to do....hmmm quite rarely.

Anyways on the personal and professional front although life is not treating me that bad, it's quite glitches but no glories either.

Somehow find the advertisements and announcements on social networks quite dumb but then i guess that's just a way for people to get attention / share / vent out or simply be pretentious and self absorbed.

Looking forward to some time off. Pursuing a hobby i have waited long to learn and take up. Pursuing work projects i have longed to take up. Pursuing life goals that I have expected to fall in place ... Basically its an uphill climb and I am not yet geared fully but I am ready to take up the challenge.....

Hope all goes well!

Monday, November 01, 2010


Sometimes the chemistry was really good but then the physics screwed it all up !!!!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Hope is pretty much like dope. It makes you illusional, delusional and pretty unrealistic but it gives you a high and makes you think you can achieve whatever you want :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dream. Dream! Dream?


Dream who? Dream what? Dream how?
Dream when? Dream where?

Dream can, dream must, dream shall, dream just.

Dream why?
Dream may. Dream may not.

Dream if; dream on........